WASCAL is a German initiative for establish a Centre of Competence in West Africa on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use that will help generate knowledge and develop the analytical capability in the region on climate change and land resources in order to design resilient land use systems. The GRP Climate Change and Water Resources Center of Benin is one of seven WASCAL centers with the headquarters based in Burkina Faso.
Climate change is projected to be more devastating making the challenges facing the region more complicated. Therefore there is a pressing need for a comprehensive understanding of the climatic system of the region and for adequately trained human resources in water-related sciences in order to meet the requirements of water-related MDGs and other regionally and nationally agreed goals.


The Graduate Research Program Climate Change and Water Resource is one of the components of the program, and is implementd by the laboratory of Apllied Hydrology of the University of Abomey-Calavi, Republic of Benin in collaboration with other WASCAL centers and German universities.
The Graduate Research Program is other fully funded by the German Government and includes monthly stipend,travel, research project grant. The following are the criteria for students‘ scholarship and continued research support :
- students after admission will be required to maintain a graduate level equivalent to Grade Point Average (GPA) of B or a minimum of B from each course.
- During the course curriculum phase, students will be required to develop a detailed research programme, including the budget, that has to be accepted by his/her supervisory committee, consisting of at least two graduate faculty members, and endorsed by the Advisory Board. During the project/research stage, students are expected to present their progress reports regularly and be evaluated in accordance with WASCAL-UAC Post Graduate School Regulations.