BADOU Djigbo Félicien

This study explored avenues for a proper estimation of future water availability over the Beninese Portion of the Niger River Basin. A multi-model evaluation using the statistically downscaled data of 3 regional climate models (HIRHAM5, RCSM and RCA4 under RCP4.5 and RCP8.5) run with 4 distinctive hydrological models (HBV-light, UHP-HRU, SWAT and WaSiM) were implemented. Water resources were treated as blue water (BW) and green water (GW) in such a way that only models found behavioural in simulating streamflow (soil moisture) were used to quantify BW (GW). An increase in rainfall (8.5 %) and temperature (0.20 °C) will likely induce an increase in GW (6.9%) but a decrease in BW (18.9%) in the future (2021-2050) in comparison to the present situation (1979-2010).

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