Author :

YEO Wonnan Eugène

This study was carried out on the Comoe River Basin (78,000 km2) in West Africa where climate change is supposed to affect many sectors like water resources, biodiversity, food, energy, housing, tourism, transportation and health. The GR4J model and three RCM, namely, the COnsortium for SMall scale MOdeling (COSMO) Climate Limited-area Modeling-Community (CCLM4-8-17), the KNMI Regional Atmospheric Climate Model (RACMO) and the Rossby Centre Atmospheric model 4 (RCA4) were used to assess the robustness of a lumped hydrological model in modelling streamflow and to examine climate change effects on streamflow in the Comoe River Basin using the RCP 4.5 and 8.5 scenarios.

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